Under the Electricity at Work 1989, Employers are required to maintain the portable appliances in their premises.

The intention of the EAWR is to ensure a management system exists to prevent accidents arising from faulty appliances.

Such a system would therefore be considered a defence if it was proven that all reasonable steps where taken and due diligence exercised.

The Health and Safety Executive and manufacturing assocations including the Electronic and Business Equipment assocation recommend both visual and electrical testing of portable appliances (ie anything with a plugtop)

This is advised to be done annually.

PRB Electrical can carry out the required tests as prescribed by the HSE guidance notes.


20-25 items £4/item          41-45 items £3/item

26-30 items £3.75/item      46-50 items £2.75/item

31-35 items £3.50/item      51-100 items £2.50/item

36-40 item £3.25/item       100 plus  £2.00/item

Minimum charge of £40.00